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What to expect

Expertise + Experience = Excellence

Our customers can expect that we will stand behind every promise that we make. We feel that long term partnerships are built on a foundation of trust and integrity. We intend to provide high quality products, service, and support that will outperform our competition and always meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

About our company

William K. Wirtz

President | CEO

President & CEO William K. Wirtz (BA, Business and Management, University of Iowa) is well-known as a major force in the steel industry with 35 years of experience.

William founded Laser Steel because he felt the industry needed a company with a high level of integrity that could provide superior service and support to customers. William has always gone the extra mile, as his long-term clients will attest, to ensure accurate and prompt delivery of steel orders meeting all specifications.

Mitchela Cross, Esq. (former Major, US Army)

Executive VP | COO

Mitchela graduated from the University of Virginia with both a Masters’ degree and Juris Doctorate. She worked at the Pentagon as an Assistant to the General Counsel in the Contracting, Procurement and Civil Works fields, as well as globally for the Corps of Engineers.

Guillaume “William” Courchesne

Senior VP | CFO

William graduated with a degree in Business Management from Édouard-Montpetit College in Québec, Canada. A born entrepreneur, William dedicates his time and energy on the information technology sector and business finance.

What makes us different


Our process starts with a conversation. We firmly believe that in order to provide our partners with the highest end material they require, we need to understand what the end-product is and for whom it is intended.

Only then can we track down the best source for your project. We get it right the first time and pass the cost reduction to you. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all steel.

Strict attention to detail is our first priority. For instance, all our premium steel is intended for thermal cutting where the product has to remain flat. Also. we provide only the best surface quality steel used for surface critical applications.

Whatever works best for your equipment, we work with our suppliers to source the steel appropriately based on needs. After very careful analysis, we determine which source works best.

Trust is difficult to earn but is easily lost.

We understand that behind every handshake, there is a real commitment that must be honored. We treat our relationships with our partners with care and respect, and we have the drive to exceed expectations on every level, every time.

Our ability to consistently provide top tier product is due in large part to our willingness to specialize.

We buy exactly to the client’s specification. We do not buy one-size fits all pattern size sheet. We buy the right grade to the right width to minimize scrap.

We will do the work for you to find new sources if and when necessary to meet any quality standards no matter how high those quality standards are.

We will provide immediate responses to inquiries, and we provide service for all your high-end raw and processed steel needs.

What we do

Laser Steel offers the best grades of steel available in the United States. Our steel is delivered to, processed at, and stored in our facility within 100 yards of port.

Laser Steel believes our all-encompassing mission is to supply our business partners with both optimal value and quality! We devote time and effort to emphasize matching our client’s application to the proper producing mill source.

Our mutual success is driven by carefully controlled end costs to produce the intended part that fully meets our clients’ needs, rather than dictated by initial price of raw material.

Performance equals value and will always guide our decision process!

Our Specialties

Hot rolled coil

Hot rolled P+O slit coil

Hot rolled P+O sheet & plate

.071”-.750" Thickness

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Address: 34534 Maffitt Lake Rd Cumming IA, 50061

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